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In healthy skin – healthy hearing (part 2)

Why is it necessary?

All sounds stimulate the delicate bones located in the middle ear. Sometimes, when the eardrum is damaged, the bones of the middle ear can be stimulated by a vibrator located behind the ear at the base of the jaw.

Bone conduction of sounds works even through the teeth. When one American put a metal seal with a microscopic gap (simply put, with marriage), the tooth with the seal turned into an analogue of the detector radio.

As a result, the man began to hear voices in his head (radio broadcasts and talks on radiotelephones) and… go to a psychiatrist. Fortunately, the local psychiatrist, having asked in detail about the content of “hallucinations” and finding out when it all started, did not hurry with his diagnosis, and sent the wretch back to the dentist. The seal was replaced, and the American received insurance.

But in order for bone conduction to work, it is first necessary that the cochlea, which is connected to the auditory nerve, can function. People with an atrophied auditory nerve also cannot hear with bone conduction.

It is hard to believe, but people with a completely atrophied auditory nerve and people with a completely remote, as a result of the operation, the snail can hear with the help of a Neurophon. However, for some reason, not all deaf people begin to hear with this device the first time. This is especially true of adults who are deaf since childhood, or who lost their hearing in early childhood.

Probably, in their minds there is no concept of sound, so, at first, they can not distinguish the sound signal from the General sensory background (This phenomenon once again proves in the most dramatic way that all our senses perceive the surrounding reality is not “as it is”, and in accordance with our expectations and settings).

Children, on the contrary, very quickly understand what’s what. And children, blind and deaf from birth, are trained to use a special version of the Neurophon (with a 3-D ultrasonic locator that gives tonal signals depending on the distance to the obstacles) so masterfully that unfamiliar people can not believe that in front of them are disabled.

The stereo Neurophon has a beautiful crystal-clear sound reproduction, while wherever you put the emitters, it seems that the sound is formed inside the head.

If you buy a stereo headphone adapter with two outputs from the radio store, this will allow you to plug the stereo headphones into one socket of the adapter and plug the Neurophone into the other.

By connecting the adapter to a tape recorder or CD player, you can listen to music at the same time through the Neurophon and headphones. After a while, turn off the Neurophon and feel the difference. This is a very profound difference.

The neurophon provides enhanced sound perception for all sound sources. This test demonstrates a significant difference in the perception of sound through two different channels.

Now produced Neurophon has in addition a digital processor, which greatly improves the sound quality.

The neurophon was especially useful for accelerated learning. If you listen to various training materials through the Neurophon, the information is very quickly incorporated into the long-term memory Bank of our brain.

Neurophon is a very powerful means of changing consciousness. If you broadcast the appropriate frequencies through the Neurophon, you can achieve any desired States of consciousness. In fact, the Neurophon is the main entrance to the altered States of consciousness. It provides direct communication with the centers of the brain, bypassing various “filters” or internal mechanisms that limit our ability to communicate with the brain.

Neurophon, in fact, is a generator of plane waves, because the signals from the electrodes, going in antiphase, mixed in a nonlinear dielectric structure, which is a skin. The signals from each capacitor electrode are phase shifted by 180 degrees.

Each signal enters a complex dielectric system of the body, where, in turn, there is a phase shift. The result is a vector. This fact was not known to the inventor at the beginning of the research. This knowledge came later, when it was found that the human nervous system is particularly sensitive to vector signals.

In the present study on the basis of Neurophone continue. Recently, we developed another modality neuroticescoy transmission. The principle of neurophonic sound perception was reversed, and as a result, it became possible to detect, record and transmit by conventional means of communication plane waves generated by living systems.

These studies, plus the emergence of new polymer films with strong piezoelectric properties, were the basis for the creation of special virtual reality costumes that allow modeling, recording on magnetic media and transmitting various touches “over wires”. There were even articles such as “Sex on the phone”, “Masseur takes to the Internet” , etc..

When placing the electrodes on the back of the head (over the visual zone of the brain), various visual effects begin to appear in the head. The existence of this phenomenon suggests that over time it will be possible to use the brain directly as a computer monitor or television screen.

If you can discover the secret of direct audio communication with the brain, you can also discover the secret of direct video communication with the brain. The skin has receptors that respond to vibration, light, temperature, pressure and friction. All you need to do is stimulate your skin with the right time-coded signals.

Such studies are conducted around the world. For example, the detection technique used by Dr. Patrick Flanagan is very similar to the process adopted by Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama (Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama), from Japan, which uses capacitor electrodes to study the energy centers of the body known as the chakras. Note that in Russia this topic is developed in several laboratories. And the developments of our scientists would be quite competitive if they appeared on the market.

Not far behind, and his native Yekaterinburg. In the laboratory of medical Cybernetics of the Ural State Medical Academy doctor of medical Sciences Professor Valery Ivanovich Bankov created a unique and effective diagnostic and treatment complex. According to Valery Ivanovich, theoretical developments and practical experience in this area are huge and he is quite capable of creating a similar hearing aid, and patent-protected and competitive.

The fact that Patrick Flanagan invented the hardware scheme may not be perfect. The described effect is observed at other frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The reality is that in the entire range of electromagnetic radiation there are so-called “Windows” – resonant frequencies of certain physiological contours of the human body. Similar effects are observed on frequencies from “Windows” or their harmonics. At the same time, the higher the carrier frequency, the more information you can “upload”.

For example, few people know the anecdotal case that took place in the United States, during the top-secret tests of stealth aircraft (“stealth”). The bottom line is that when Housewives of a small town located near a secret airbase, washed clothes in enameled basins (basin, by the way, in form and in some qualities similar to a parabolic antenna), then began to hear in my head negotiations pilots with the airbase. And the thing is that the carrier frequency of radio stations, for reasons of secrecy, was chosen non-standard, but was equal to one of the resonant frequencies of the body.

At the risk of inciting the reader’s darkest suspicions, but I note that all psychotronic weapons based on the use of the window effect.

Those who are richer can hear their favorite musical works in a new way, learn English or be in a trance, ordering a Neurophon at the address on the Internet specified in the epigraph. And what about those who have no prior music, and not the income and the diagnosis inevitably insists upon full hearing and for all?

In fact, the current model of the Neurophon can be done at home (as Patrick once did).

Emitters one of the first models of Neurophone was very similar to the apparatus for ultratonotherapy proposed in the 60-ies of the inventor D. Sinicki. The same gas-discharge electrodes with a voltage of 3000 Volts and a frequency differs only twice – 22 kHz against 40 kHz. Now a similar device called the “Ultratone-AMP”, developed by NPO “Altimeter” together with one of the conversion enterprises of Novosibirsk, available in the market. Therefore, craftsmen can make a good Neurophon a little digging in the scheme – replacing some denominations and adding a unit of amplitude modulation voltage, connected to an audio amplifier or tape recorder.

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