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The most terrible hip-hop

When an ordinary man in the street hears the word “rap”, he comes to mind reciting a bit about the beautiful and luxurious life, or Vice versa — about the different problems of this world. Seem often shabbily dressed black men in baseball caps and baggy trousers, or the representatives of the new school rap fashion, and bedecked with gold guys. But such a word as” horrorcore ” will come to mind for a very limited number of people.

For many fans of rap will be the news that rap can also be dark, frightening and brutal energy is not inferior to black or death metal.

Genre hip-hop hard music under the name “horrorcore” originated in the U.S. in the early 1990s. there he was, of course, spontaneously two or three songs of different rap artists such as Ghetto Boys (album “We Can’t Be Stopped” in 1991 with the song “Chuckie”), Ganksta N-I-P (album “The South Park Psycho” in 1992 with the song “Horror Movie Rap” with fragments of the soundtrack to the horror movie of 1978 “Halloween”).

The debut of the genre occurred with the release of the 1993 album Big L “Devil’s Son”: this album belongs to the genre entirely. Also, the founders of the genre should put performers Insane Poetry (album “Grim reality” 1992), Esham (album “Boomin’ Words from Hell” 1989). Allocate as a landmark for horror-bark album “Season of da Siccness” rapper brother Lynch Hung released in 1995, when the genre became relatively famous.

Popularity and its name horror acquired in 1994. Also, the rapper Kool Keith claims to have invented horrorcore.

Some representatives of the genre are quite popular. It’s artists like Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, XXXTentacion, Necro. Contributed to the popularity of the style and the famous rapper Snoop Dogg with a video for the song “Murder Was the Case”, which is constantly played by the idea of the devil and demonic transformations. Also known horrorcore are Gravediggas, Flatlinerz, Stitches, Wolfpac.

The genre is developed in its own homeland – the United States, gained great momentum in Russia, there are also artists in Australia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Hawaii.

In our country, the genre moved closer to 2010. It was presented by such artists as Skabbibal, La Vay, Mc Slut Decomposer, Joly Rojer, Mc Val. Before the incident in 2014 in Ukraine skabbibal And MC Val could be considered as Ukrainian performers, because they did not live in Russia, but read all the same always in Russian.

What is a horrorcore? Already starting from the name we can understand that this is a very hard genre of hip-hop music, exploiting themes of the films and literature of horror and the horrors of real life suicide, crimes of serial and mass murderers. The latter is very common in the tracks of Russian-speaking artists.

Actively developing the theme of ritual murders as, for example, in the video Duo Insane clown posse on a joint track with Twiztid “We don’t Die”, as well as in the video Gravediggas “Diary of a madman”. In the texts reveals how the theme itself is brutal and immoral murders, described in bloody hues, and the thoughts of the killers, their experiences.

Emotions are expressed not only appalling and revolting on the subject of the texts, but also an aggressive reading of rollingon and screaming, borrowed from the death and black metal. But many horrorcore cost and without these rock chips. It is worth noting that the horror-performers are not averse to play with genres of heavy music. For example, the Russian artist MC Slut decomposer Has a track “From the count to the Grave”, skabbibal Has a version of the track “Hate” under the bit with electric guitars, the track “Whiteness” of rapper Argento is also recorded under minus with electric guitar.

All the statements of the Russian rapper vis Vitalis overheard from the Beastie boys that “Rap is a punk”, is difficult to relate to the horror the bark. Cruelty and madness of texts and topics, as well as on the pitch, horror-core clearly surpasses the horror-punks. In the tracks of artists such as the above mentioned MC Slut decomposer, Skabbibal, Gara Saggal, Argento, MC Val is full of pretty disgusting and therefore terrible topics – tough necrophilia, brutal and horrific violence against women (usually prostitutes), infanticide and even pedophilia. Unprepared listener, even a fan of horror movies, can simply start to go mad after listening to, for example, all of the same MC Slut Decomposer’and Skabbibal’and. The texts give to feel the fullness abominable and sick internal world of serial killers and rapists. The impression that they themselves Chikatilo, cream, Muhenkan, the Pichushkin dictated the lyrics of these rappers.

From other attributes of the horror can be noted frightening makeup and elements from horror movies in the appearance of some artists. To mind come again Insane clown pose with face painting referring to the street mamimili to the popular theme of clowns in horror Twiztid deathly pale coloring of the face and shadowed eyes, Wolfpac, whose members are more like punks, but have a back-up dancer people dressed in camouflage uniforms and hockey masks (as hi Jason Voorhees from the “Friday the 13th”, and from the genre of hardcore music called “chador”), hockey masks were also used Flatlinerz. Russian-speaking rapper Skabbibal is known as a large inflated maniac in a black and red hoodie with a hood and a black mask. In General, horrorcore love scary masks, clowns, monsters and frightening strangers.

In terms of music, the horror film is a dark tense beats, accompanied by cuts of music from horror movies or just any pumping symphonic music. Sometimes it can be used and noise, and even guitar riffs and simple solo chords. Also bits in the style of horror can be just depressing, especially if the texts of suicide.

Of the most popular foreign horrorcore a decent little review of the Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Wolfpac.

Duo Insane Clown Posse, consisting of Joseph Bruce (aka Violent J) and Joseph Westler (Shaggy 2 Dope) operates from 1989 to the present day. Insane clown posse in detail and atmospherically work out their concerts, in General, read brutally and harshly under the cons in the old school style and often under the electric guitar, as they say “shakes”. Also Insane clown posse are battle rappers and owners of the recording Studio “Psychopatic records”.

Twitztid was formed in 1997 in Eastpoint, Michigan. It is also a Duo consisting of Jamie Madrox (aka Jamie Madrox) and Monoxide Child (aka Monoxide Child). Twiztid worked with E-40, lazy bone (Bone Thugs N Harmony), Bushwick bill (Ghetto boys) and Tech N9ne. We toured with Bone Thugs N Harmony. Initially, it was a hip-hop trio House Of Krazees, who later became friends with the above-mentioned Insane clown posse. When The ROC left House Of Krazees, the Duo called themselves Twiztid and performed together with their friends the clowns on tours more than once. In musical terms of this more monotonous old school rap also not devoid elements rapcore.

Wolfpac, looks like rappers very vaguely, was formed in 1997. The Creator of the group were made by a former member of the punk band Bloodhound Gang daddy long Legs. Such a step daddy made because they wanted the Bloodhound Gang doing a rap, not punk rock, but it turned out what happened: namely a very cheerful, though sometimes monotonous horror-rap-core. In a couple of tracks Wolfpac no guitars and music is a typical old school beat. The group also shoots its own series of porn films with girls for backup dancers who accompany the group.

In the domestic horror scene can be identified such artists as Skabbibal, Mc Slut decomposer, La Vay, Mc Val, Joly Roger.

Skabbibal is considered a pioneer in the genre of horror in the CIS. His lyrics abound with descriptions of murders (often women), illustrations of the thinking of serial killers, angry at the society of introverts and contempt for life in General. The performer himself is constantly hidden under a mask and nothing is known about his personality, which only creates an even greater atmosphere of mystery around the performer’s person. Skabbibal’s music includes both old-school beats and bits with elements of rock and metal, as well as elements of the new school. Hysterical screaming vocals is the hallmark of the rapper, on which it is easy to learn from the huge number of well-known and little-known experimental horror artists. In 2018, after a long break caused by the civil war in Ukraine Skabbibal resumed his work and functions to this day. Moreover, he released the album this year, 2019.

Mc Slut Decomposer is known for menacing growling vocals and brutal lyrics on the most terrifying and disgusting topics: pedophilia, necrophilia, other sexual perversions (perhaps except for sodomy), ritual murder, low-life and suicide. Actively exploited the theme of Snuff (video of severe torture and brutal killings of people)

La Vay is subject of Satanism in the lyrics and kind of brutal and pathetic expressive vocals. The text component in the tracks of La Vay fades into the background compared to the above mentioned two artists, but still his music is filled with punchy energy and gloom of the coming Apocalypse, after which the Antichrist will ascend to the throne. One track of the artist is also devoted to the book “Necronomicon”invented by Howard Lovecraft.

In the early texts of MC Val there is a mystical component, this girl is also very easy to learn from the rough expressive brutal voice, which she reads about the living dead, the machinations of demons, crimes Onoprienko, Ted Bundy and John Gacy. The situation in Ukraine greatly influenced the work of MC Val and after the album “Madness of monsters” the girl went into political rap, taking the side and defending the interests of the DPR and LPR, but that’s another story. MC Val’s music is powerful energetic, rarely relatively calm beats. Something in between old school and new school.

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